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Flu Is Coming (Again) Uh Oh


Be afraid… very afraid

The influenza virus is one of the fastest mutating viruses in the world, with many strains.  The ‘Type A’ strains are more severe and cause higher rates of infection and more severe symptoms than the ‘Type B’ strains, but some B-type flus are extremely dangerous, even deadly.

Since it takes a long time to develop the yearly flu vaccine, scientists have to PREDICT in advance, which strain is likely to be the dominant strain each year, and they make the flu shot for that strain.

The average effectiveness of each year’s flu shot ranges from 10% to as high as 60%, depending on how accurately they predicted the current strain, and how much the virus mutated since last year.

Last year they guessed wrong.  According to early statistics, they may have gotten it wrong again, and it’s already too late.

It may already be too late

The US flu season follows the flu season in Australia.  Last year, Australia got the H3N2 strain which is also known as the Sydney Flu.  It then appeared in the US, as it always does.

Scientists and doctors predicted that last season’s flu was going to be one of the worst flu seasons in decades, and the flu shot – the flu vaccine – would be only 10% effective.

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And here we are again

According to the Influenza Surveillance Weekly Report from Australia, as of August 2018, it looks like this year’s predominant flu strain is likely to be a combination of two dangerous strains: a mutated strain of Influenza A (H3N2), also called the ‘Sydney Flu’) and a  nasty Influenza B strain called the Brisbane Flu.

Given that US scientists and the labs and pharmaceutical companies that make the flu vaccine each year just don’t know in time exactly what strain to prepare the virus against, they have to resort to both educated guessing based on early reports from Australia, and by mixing different strains in the current vaccine to cover all bases.

But the real danger is that influenza is also one of the fastest mutating viruses known, and between the time the flu shot for the coming flu season is made, and when the flu virus actually gets here, it is likely to have mutated enough to render the flu shot a lot less effective.

Authorities warn that failing to get the flu shot each year is like playing Russian roulette, but the flu vaccine itself is a calculated gamble.

There’s another option

Instead of just praying that the scientists got it right this time, there are other options.  One is to look at inhibiting the ability of the virus to reproduce in the body in the first place, so it wouldn’t quite matter what strain of flu flew in your window.  This is accomplished by a process called Virus Attachment Inhibition, in which a substance like activated humic acid is taken as a daily supplement before flu season starts.  The humic acid has a unique property: it binds to the surface of the flu virus particles and interferes with their ability to attach to human host cells.  Since viruses cannot reproduce by themselves, they must first attach to a human host cell and insert their virus genetic material into the host cell where they then hijack the host cell’s reproductive mechanisms to reproduce.

If a virus cannot attach successfully to a host cell, it cannot reproduce.


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So while getting the flu shot is definitely an important precaution, especially for those at higher risk, like the elderly or those who have a compromised immune system, it might be a really good idea to learn more about virus attachment inhibition and how to help regulate virus reproduction naturally before it’s too little too late.

Don’t forget this please

VERY IMPORTANT: Verify the credibility of any site you read – and stick those that are primarily

legitimate medical and educational sites and avoid those that are attempting to commercially sell you a treatment or remedy.  Make sure that any supplements you may consider have substantial scientific evidence, not just testimonials from supposed customers who have suddenly been cured in a week.

Always talk with your doctor or healthcare professional who is best qualified to explain and elaborate on how the flu can be transmitted and what options there are for protection.