How ViraFend Works

The main ingredient in ViraFend is Activated Humic Acid, which has been shown to be a significant Viral Fusion Inhibitor of multiple viruses – in essence, it ‘coats’ viral particles to interfere with their ability to attach to human host cells – a necessary step for viral replication and reproduction.

Viruses cannot reproduce by themselves; they require inserting their DNA or RNA into a human host cell to replicate.  If they cannot attach to a host cell, they die in a single generation.  There are no other natural substances known to achieve this effect other than Activated Humic Acid – the primary ingredient in ViraFend.

All mammalian viruses work the same way.

A virus is a biological agent (a living organism) that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. When infected by a virus, a host cell is forced to produce many thousands (or millions) of identical copies of the original virus, at an extraordinary rate.

Unlike most living things, viruses do not have cells that divide; new viruses are assembled inside the infected host cell.  If a virus cannot attach to a human host cell, it cannot reproduce.

Viruses cannot reproduce by themselves – they require a human host cell to invade, wherein the virus ‘tricks’ the host cell to replicate the viral DNA or RNA, thus reproducing the virus.

ViraFend acts by ‘coating’ the outer envelope of the virus particle, impeding its ability to attach and bind itself to a human host cell, which is called Viral Fusion – the first step in the life cycle of a virus. By interfering with the ability of a virus to attach to a host cell, ViraFend is considered a Viral Fusion Inhibitor. Viral Fusion Inhibition is one of the leading areas of research in virology today, as it acts upon the virus and not upon the human host cells.

ViraFend does not attach virus particles once they are attached to or replicating inside a host cell. However, once newly formed virus particles are released from the host cells in which they reproduced, ViraFend will effectively interfere with their ability to attach to a new host cell, stopping the chain reaction and helping to regulate viral replication.

Remember: There is no cure for a Herpes infection; once the virus is inside your body it remains there for life. Ideally it will remain dormant, and the viral load (the number of virus particles) in your system will remain low. Dormant viruses, like the Herpes viruses, are known to be ‘re-awakened’ by certain triggers – like stress, certain foods, injuries or physical traumas – and the objective of anyone with a Herpes virus infection is to try to remain outbreak-free. One way to help this is to support your body’s normal immune response and to try to keep your viral load continuously low. ViraFend can help support your body’s defense against Cold Sore and Herpes viruses attaching to host cells, and by help to regulate viral replication.

It is important to stress that Activated Humic Acid doesn’t kill the virus.  It simply inhibits Viral Fusion (the ability of viruses to attach to a new host cell); and if they can’t attach, they can’t replicate.  The body’s own immune system is then able to identify and eliminate the virus, or render it into a dormant state.

For each virus particle that cannot attach to a host it’s one less virus particle replicating into hundreds of thousands (or millions) more.  And so on.  Over a period of time, as newly replicated virus particles are released from host cells, and as they are then inhibited from fusing to new host cells, the viral load continues to decline. Eventually the viral load should theoretically drop to undetectable levels, as long as ViraFend‘s Activated Humic Acid continues to be present in sufficient quantities in the system.

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